15/06/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. By the end of the week, most of us will be soaking


wet, but even before that, some heavy showers knocking about.


Tonight, across the south-west, persistent rain, and we could see


rain across south-west England, towards Dorset and Somerset. Some


will move into south-west -- South Wales and England. Know where will


it be terribly cold. Tomorrow, nimbus clouds producing heavy


showers, but there will be sunshine in between. It will be wet across


southern areas, pushing into the London area. That will clear away,


the sun will come out, then showers will develop widely. They will not


be Evander be distributed, there will be some pattern. Across the


south-west of England, the wind will be deflected across the


coastline. Big clouds will build, and they will propagate their way


downstream. This is a convergence line of showers. They will move


into southern England. Some places will see shower after shower. On


the south coast, you might dodge the showers and Seymour sunshine.


Elsewhere across southern England, the showers are around again. For


north-west England, it is not too bad. Cumbria has some sunshine.


Another convergence line of showers in north-east England, into


Scotland. The temperatures are pinned down like a yo-yo. -- up and


down. Showers for Wales, as I mentioned. Then we look ahead to


Friday. The joker in the pack developing across the south-west.


It looks like it will throw up a lot of rain in our direction.


Initially for south-west England and South Wales, but it will move


towards the north-east. By the end of the day, most of us will have


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