04/07/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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From me though, I wish you a very Our up and down summer continues.


After a few fine days the weather is on the slide. For the rest of


this week there are some big changes. It will be wetter


certainly. Temperatures will be lower than they have been and a


noticeable breeze at times too. You don't have to be a weatherman to


say which way the weather is coming in from. A lot of cloud from the


west. That will bring rain. Initially it is high and looks


worse than it is. Later on in the night the cloud will thicken out


over the west. Rain arriving in the west. For the rest of us, nothing


much happening overnight. Dry, broken cloud and not terribly cloud,


11hf13 Celsius as a low. If you are journying to work over the south-


west there will be some rain around for your commute. Heavy rain as


well. Things will dry out later in the morning. The same for Wales. A


wet start for Northern Ireland. Again, the heaviest of the rain


should clear through and things will brighten up. The rain edging


into south-western Scotlandch much of south western Scotland will


start on a dry note. A reasonable start for northern England,


particularly to the east of the Pennines and for much of the south-


east we will get off to a promising start. Sunshine and feeling


pleasantly warm F you are going to Hampton Court Flower Show, make the


most of the morning. Things will cloud over later on in the day.


That weather front out west will make its way eastwards during the


course of the day. Much of that rain will be fairly intermittent by


the time it reaches central parts of the UK. Not a washout. Behind


that things will bringen up across Northern Ireland and Wales. Some


heavy showers developing. For most it will be cooler than for a few


days. The warmth hanging on for one day longer over East Anglia and the


south-east. The rain will arrive over the south-east in the evening


time. Particularly Scotland, southern and eastern Scotland


getting a wetting on Wednesday. Heavy and persistent rain here. For


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