05/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. This summer is proving to be


neither one thing or the other. It teases us with a few days of fine


weather, this was the scene on the Kent coast earlier this week, but


up the road in East Yorkshire violent thunderstorms caused some


flooding. The weather will remain as fickle this weekend. It will be


cooler and many will see some outbreaks of heavy rain, had fully


with brightness in between. At the moment, the clouds are ganging up


on us from the West and although many will stay dry through the


night, the cloud will fit in and before the end of the night we will


see some showery outbreaks developing, notably across Northern


Ireland. It will be a fresher night, with temperatures between 10 and 14


degrees, 0 to Sat. A dry start to the weekend for many, and if you


are lucky you will see some sunshine, but the clouds will be


developing. As we head towards lunchtime, some heavy and slow-


moving downpours developpe. More prolonged rain across parts of


northern England in the afternoon. Some bright spells in between, the


northern half of Scotland seeing some sunshine and so, too, for


Northern Ireland. Not desperately warm, there. For Wales, cloud and


showers in the West, brighter further east for a time. Not ideal


holiday weather in Devon and Cornwall, a lot of cloud and a cool


breeze. A breeze in the Channel, but wet weather pushing up. There


will be some brightness a press -- across parts of East Anglia, and


then we run into the wet weather in northern England. Do not take the


detail too literally, it is still to play for, but it looks like it


will develop to the north into the early hours of Sunday morning. Some


nasty conditions, it could cause some flooding. We could see 20 to


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