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Good evening. Once we have lost the overnight rain tomorrow could be


Summers's last hurrah. I cannot promise sunny skies everywhere, it


will turn quite humid, and when the sun does pop out, temperatures that


reached quite high. That is because we are importing warm air tonight,


the company at the moment by a lot of cloud, wet across Northern


Ireland, rain extensive across southern Scotland and northern


England. Showers drifting across southern parts of England. Double


figures everywhere, 16 in the south-west. Single figures in the


north of Scotland. Before the rain arrives, it may drop down to seven


degrees. The rain will arrive in northern Scotland, and it may last


most of the day. It should clear away from central and southern


Scotland after a damp start. Dreary conditions across northern England


first thing. Further south, most places begin Friday dry with a lot


of cloud. It is not chilly, at 8 o'clock in the morning 16 of 17


degrees. It will be a great start across the south-east of England.


Misty and murky conditions across the south-west. Dreary across a


good part of Wales, may be some breaks developing for the north-


east. The overnight rain clears from the north coast of Northern


Ireland at 8 o'clock, and it will brighten up. The rain will clear


from northern England, taking until the early afternoon to clear the


central belt of Scotland. Elsewhere, most places dry, shattered --


scattered showers developing. There will be some sunshine. Where we get


that coming through, particularly in eastern areas, temperatures


could easily reached the mid-20s, maybe 23 for 24 in places. Cooler


further north where we have got the rain. The warm front is bringing


warmer air, but as we head into the weekend, a cold front arrives. The


isobars are squeezing together, so the winds will pick up on Saturday.


That cold front will bring rain from west to east, and it will


introduce cooler conditions. We are still in the warmer air across the


south-east and tell that the rain rise later in a day. It could be


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