19/09/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. Tomorrow's weather will be dependent on where you live.


It depends on where you are in relation to this weather system


here, which is straddling the UK now. Underneath that, it will


potentially be wet on Tuesday, but on either side, a better chance of


brightness. Overnight tonight, that weather front edges further


southwards, and beneath it will be quite hot, potentially, but dry on


either side. Across Scotland and Northern Ireland, under clear skies,


it will be quite fresh, with some showers further west. To the east


of that, quite muggy. We keep the three-way split going through


Tuesday, in this zone in south-west England, parts of Wales, the


Midlands to the north-east, not a pretty picture, the rain could


persist for much of the day. Drier and brighter on either side. Still


some wriggle room on the position of that. It looks like the Midlands,


Lincolnshire, parts of Yorkshire to the afternoon. A bright afternoon


for parts of northern England and Scotland, but showers further west


coming in on the blustery wind across north-west Scotland in


particular, one or two getting into it Northern Ireland, but plenty of


sunshine here. Maybe brightening up in Wales, but a lot of cloud,


potentially a wet day in South Wales and the south-west of England.


Not much hope of brightness here. Under the rain clouds, particularly


in parts of the Midlands, it could be quite cool. In the south-east,


parts of Kent, it brightens up and should be quite warm. Tomorrow


night, the rain should reach the south-east, some uncertainty about


its progress. Behind that, some fog catches first thing on Wednesday


across the Heart of England, more rain clouds gathering in the north-


west of Scotland and Northern Ireland, too. No sooner do we lose


one of the macrosystem that another arrives, which potentially could be


wet and windy -- 1 weather system. The best of the sunshine will be


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