20/10/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Far cloudy skies across the UK tonight compared to


last night. Not good news if you're an amateur astronomer, but good


news if you didn't like that cold air first thing this morning.


Temperatures dropping close to freezing. Urban areas a touch below.


Much more cloud tonight, those temperatures holding up and most


places by dawn will be five or six degrees above freezing. There are


exceptions. The south-east corner Clare at the moment. Temperatures


made job close to zero but further north and west, would that blanket


of cloud, temperatures going up. Outbreaks of rain. A dreary start


for western Scotland and north-west England. The rain increasingly will


become confined to western Scotland. For England and Wales, generally, a


dry day, but somewhat cloudy, especially early on. By the


afternoon, to the east, we should see the sky is starting to brighten


up. Sunshine through East Anglia and the Midlands, and the south-


east. 13-15 degrees. There could be cloud at times on the south coast.


The winter brings the moist air off the Atlantic. A grey day for Devon,


Cornwall and western Wales. To the east, brightness developing. At


that a breeze will develop, but not through Northern Ireland and


western Scotland. Outbreaks of rain, clearing from Northern Ireland but


sticking to the central zone of Scotland. Further north, some


sunshine developing across the Moray Firth. More rain to come and


western Scotland on Saturday through Northern Ireland. The band


of rain coming into western part of England and Wales but for a good


part of England and Wales, it should be a dry day with us good


spells of sunshine and there will be noticeable breeze. The wind


strengthens further through Sunday. Low pressure approaching from the


south-west. The isobars squeezing together. They had done towards


Iberia. And that is where we will be importing our air from through


the weekend so we draw up the warm air in the weekend and that means,


by Sunday, in the sunny spells, as high as 19 degrees in London.


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