04/11/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Some fairly lively showers up and down the country at


the moment but we cannot complain. This is an footage from earlier


today in Italy. Violent downpours causing some flash flooding. Some


fatalities as well, I am afraid. The cloud is on the satellite


picture. The moisture or a heavy air has been providing us with some


heavy showers, but nothing so extreme. -- moisture heavy.


Elsewhere, mostly dry. Fog patches forming, partly due to bonfires up


and down the country(!) A bit of patchy rain across eastern Scotland.


That will clear rough. Most of us having a dry start to Saturday.


More rain edging into parts of south-east England. Probably some


rain breaking out in situ across parts of central England. Heading


west for the sunshine, it should be a nice afternoon in south-west


England. Wales enjoying some sunshine. Temperatures not as high


as they have been but still in double figures. Today has been a


lovely day across Northern Ireland and tomorrow will be again. Across


Scotland, too, isolated showers across the far north-west.


Otherwise, plain sailing. Sunshine hanging on across north-western


parts. Cloud increasing further east. It looks drab across much of


the East Midlands, East Anglia and the south-east. Heavy bursts on and


off. Some uncertainty about the Western extent of his reign. It


looks as though as we go into the evening, for bonfire night it will


stay disappointingly damp and dreary. Quite breezy across parts


of eastern England. Most of us will have a dry night. Albeit rather


chilly. How chilly? Potentially down to freezing or just below.


Some northern parts will Other toss to frost, but it will be my IDA --


will have a touch of frost but it will be milder in the south-east.


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