23/11/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Days and the weekend. We have a developing area of low pressure,


angry cloud out in the Atlantic. Within the circulation of this


storm system we could well see winds of up to 100 miles an hour


out to sea. It won't be as windy as that closer to home but it will be


a blustery spell and wet overnight tonight across parts of northern


England, Northern Ireland. The rain pushing northwards from Scotland


later in the night. Further south it is drier, the winds not so


strong. Perhaps a mist and fog patches around but by and large


temperatures will be higher than they were last weekend. Tomorrow


will be a fairly blustery day, bright and breezy for many of us.


Some sunshine around and many places will be dry. But it will be


windier further north and west. Wet weather will push northwards


through Scotland. Something drier and brighter following on behind,


but the best of the bright this will be further south and east


across the UK, where it is said to be a reasonable day. Across the


heart of England mid-afternoon there will be some sunshine with a


breeze. Temperatures to been pretty well, 11, 12, 13 degrees, about


what they should be at this time of year. Brightness across the West


Country, parts of south-west England and to the east of the


moors. Down to the south-west it is staying predominantly cloudy


through the afternoon. For Wales, the best of the sunshine to the


east of the mountains. Towards Cardigan Bay is rather cloudy.


Windy up the Irish Sea. Maybe some brightness hanging on across the


south-east of Northern Ireland but there will be rain looming through


the day. The strongest gusts through the Outer Hebrides. They


will push up towards the northern isles. Tomorrow evening will see a


squally spell of weather, strong winds when heavy rain. It is


pushing down from Northern Ireland and Scotland and through England


and Wales. It will clear through by Friday morning, the sunshine


returning. It will be a chilly a day on Friday, cold enough for a


cluster of showers to falter quite low levels across the northern half


of Scotland. Saturday, the windows increase may again across the north


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