25/11/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Some lovely sunshine at times this weekend, but I fear the weather


will be making the headlines for less positive reasons, as we will


see in a moment. Cloud is cascading in of the Atlantic, which will


eventually bring a lot of rain to the north-west. Ahead of that, the


skies have been clear for a time this evening. Temperatures have


been falling away, and right now there are close to freezing in a


few spots. But for the rest of the country, temperatures will rise as


the cloud increases. In western parts of Scotland, some heavy rain.


Further south, it stays dry, with clear skies, meaning a reasonable


start to the day for much of southern England. Breezy, but


nothing excessive across the south. A lot of cloud for Wales, north-


west England. The Cumbrian fells are seeing some rain. There is an


East-West split in Scotland. Heavy rain in western Scotland and


dampness in Northern Ireland. It just keeps raining across a good


part of western Scotland. That is of some concern, as there may be


some flooding here. The East of Scotland is still relatively dry.


Further south, and try again, with some sunshine. It is mild, but


tempered by the strength of the wind. We are concerned about this.


We have an amber warning in force. These winds could get very gusty


and cause disruption not just over the high ground, but they will be


dancing down of the Pennines, for example, into north-east England.


The A1 could be badly affected, buffeted by serious crosswinds, so


be aware of that if you are on the move. Many northern areas will have


a very windy end to the day and very wet as well. Gradually, the


worst of the rain will sink southeastwards and die away. The


strong winds hang on on Sunday in the North-East. Sunday will be a


sparkling day for many of us. Lots of sunshine, most places dry.


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