29/11/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. We still have 20 flood warnings on rivers in Scotland, and


it is hardly surprising when you look at the rain. The cat Glasgow,


68 mm, over two inches, half the monthly average already in just 24


hours. Here is the earlier radar picture. A very wet start for


Scotland and Northern Ireland. The brain has been squally, but it has


gone now. There are lots of showers for a link into Scotland, which


will remain her feet into the night. Scattered showers. We will see some


San showers over the highest places in Scotland, and the risk of some


icy roads. It will be a cold start, lots of showers. They will continue


to feed into north-west England. Not many to the east of the


Pennines. It may stay dry for most of the day, with sunny spells


developing. Showers to begin within the south-east. Some of them could


be quite heavy. A scattering of showers into the south-west of


England. Showers in Wales, particularly to the West. Frequent,


heavy showers driving in. For Northern Ireland, not many showers


first thing, but it will be cold. There will be a Coldfield tomorrow,


especially as the win strengthens. That will keep the showers running


again. Fewer showers across eastern areas. Many places will be dry, and


that is where we see the best of the sunshine. The temperatures do


not look too bad, but there will be strengthening wind. It gets windier


and wetter on Wednesday night. This weather front brings a band of


heavy rain. Again, deep low- pressure Swindin towards full of


Scotland. -- swinging towards Scotland. Still some rain towards


the south coast of England on Thursday, which will linger for


most of the day. Elsewhere, it brightens up. The showers in


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