01/12/2011 BBC Weather


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It is going to turn out to be quite a cold night with a reasonably


widespread frost developing into the countryside. That will lead to


some icy patches by the end of the night. Quite a few showers across


the North and the West, and more general brain across south-east


England and East Anglia -- general rain. This will bring an inch of


rain to East Sussex and Kent. The skies were clear and the


temperatures will plunge. Widespread frost in the countryside.


There will be forced even towards the south-west of England by the


time we get to Friday morning. For most it will be a sunny start to


the day. The cloud will thicken up in Northern Ireland. Rain will


begin to spread in western Scotland. Sunshine elsewhere in Scotland. For


many eastern counties of England, it will be a sparkling start to the


morning with clear blue skies. But it will be a bit chilly. A bit


cloudy in south-west England but many places will have a dry morning.


Make the most of the sunshine tomorrow, especially if you look in


the West, because it will turn more cloudy and we will have rain


spreading across Northern Ireland and Scotland. For much of the day,


temperatures will be languishing across the north-west. Friday night,


it will turn very windy. Severe gales across the North. The rain


will be quite heavy across Wales and the south-west but most of it


will clear away. Strong winds up to 70 mph in the northern isles.


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