06/12/2011 BBC Weather


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Hello there. More snow in the north and wetion west. Today, most of us


have seen rain. Wetter weather has been developing and rung across


northern areas. It's not just rain we will find a short spell of heavy


snow in Scotland, particularly the hills. As that moves through the


winds will pick up. There is a risk of ice across the north. Following


that band of wetter weather the showers come pushing in. Icy


conditions likely by the morning across the borders. That is where


we have the amber warning from the Met Office. Showers to the north


and west. The winds will pick up by the morning in the South West of


Scotland. Gusty winds in northern England pushing in a few showers.


To the east of Pennines it should start bright and chilly. South West


of England temperatures will hold up because there will be more cloud


into the morning and a few showers. The showers that we have in Wales


and the north and west. The showers and the winds picking up. Windy


start across Northern Ireland with showers mainly in the north. The


winds are going to be strong across most of the country. Scattered


showers and sunshine for Northern Ireland. Western parts of England


and Wales. Eastern areas will be dry and sunny. Temperatures six or


seven degrees. In the wind it will be feel pretty cold. Dramatic


change from Wednesday into Thursday. Deepening low comes in from the


Atlantic. These weather fronts will bring bands of rain. Even rain for


a time over the Scottish mountains. The risk of flooding. With the


south-westerly it will turn milder for a while. Temperatures in double


figures. The mild air will not last London Transport long. This cold


front will sweep southwards. That low runs across Scotland. It could


get windy later on Thursday. With the air coming down we drag down


that colder air. We bring snow showers by Friday. Northern and


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