27/01/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. You may not realise it but there will be at battle


taking place in the sky above the UK this weekend. The two


contestants: The cold air and the mild air will be jostling for


position throughout the weekend and even into the next week, but it is


in the dividing line between the two where we could see some snow.


The showers will continue in the far south-east corner. Temperatures


will plummet in the north and west areas. Ice will be distinct. Eight


she start to the weekend. Tomorrow is looking cold for us all -- a


very chilly start to the weekend. A lovely, bright start across much of


Scotland but mist and fog around, with more cloud towards the north-


west. Temperatures well below freezing for the vast majority.


Still reasonably bright start in Northern Ireland, especially to the


east. Around parts of North West Midlands, mist and cloud, and


towards the East Anglia and the South East, a grey start for many.


Mist and fog. That will last for a good part of the morning. Across


parts of Kent and Essex and Suffolk and Norfolk, we will continue to


see heavy showers. But away from that, and the rain in Northern


Ireland and western Scotland, most will have been dry and bright day,


In Northern Ireland, temperatures should stay above freezing and that


is because you will sit above this weather front. That is the dividing


line. Because the cold air is trying to hold on, the weather


front is not moving in a hurry so it is likely to rain for much of


the day on Sunday in Northern Ireland. Many parts of England,


Wales and Scotland, after in misty start, should have sunny spells on


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