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From all of us on the late team, Good evening. Another wintry


weekend lies ahead across England and Wales. For Scotland and


Northern Ireland, things will be different. We have this fight going


on between mild air from the Atlantic and cold air from the


Continent. Mile there has been sitting across Scotland and


Northern Ireland today -- mild air. Temperatures will be mild here at


the weekend. For England and Wales, the wintry weather stays with us. A


hard frost tonight and still the potential for things to be very icy


outside. There is not much more snow in the forecast. Temperatures


are already down to minus 10 in some spots. Clear skies developing


widely across England and Wales. In rural spots, negative double


figures. The mild air in Scotland and Northern Ireland keeps the


temperatures above zero. Or let's start for the weekend in western


Scotland and much of Northern Ireland. -- a wet start for the


weekend. For most of northern England it will be cloudy with


temperatures at or just below freezing. In northern England there


may be freezing fog patches in the morning. A much brighter start to


the deck was Wales and south-west England compared to this morning.


Further north we keep a lot of cloud. Maybe some breaks across the


borders. Generally, it will be cloudy but the rain should peter


out by the afternoon. For England and Wales three or four for the


best. In the east where the snow is lying above the ground some spots


will not be above freezing. If you're heading to Italy, it will be


cold and wet. For the game in Cardiff on Sunday for the Six


Nations, it should be dry. Eastern areas look dull and damp. The risk


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