14/02/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. As far as the weather is concerned our Valentine's day


companion has been an area of high pressure. It's kept us a little bit


at arm's length and that's meant winds have been pushing northwards,


bringing mild air to the north of Scotland and working southwards,


but in that same flow around the fringes of the high pressure system


some strong winds and you can see from the satellite picture plenty


of cloud. With little changing into tomorrow there's not going to be a


huge amount in change and conditions, staying cloudy and


breezy as well. Some of the windiest conditions will be


overnight, particularly north and east of Scotland and parts of


eastern England, gusts up to gale force in one or two spots. Drizzle


around the coasts as well, in particular. For many inland it will


be dry, and with a breeze and cloud frost-free night for the vast


majority. Could be a grey start to the


morning rush hour for a few across parts of western Wales, Devon and


Cornwall, cloud here thick enough for light rain or drizzle, as it


will be throughout the day. Same too to the far east of England.


Inland Inland plenty of cloud. Maybe drizzle to the coast of


north-west England. But into south- east Scotland hazy sunshine


possible. Brightness maybe for the south-east of Northern Ireland, as


well. But to the north of Northern Ireland and northern parts of


Scotland we stick with a cloudy picture. Rain or drizzle throughout


the day, as we could see across the western fringes of Wales and


Cornwall. Later it turns damper across the eastern counties of


England. But inland the vast majority you stay dry, brightening


up into the afternoon. Brightest in north-east Scotland and south-east


Scotland. Into Thursday, another mild night


with plenty of cloud, a bit of a breeze. On Thursday we see a


weather front push into Scotland and Northern Ireland bringing more


rain. Heaviest in the west. That pushes into northern England later


allowing brighter skies to end the afternoon. Something bright across


southern parts of England and Wales for a time. But here it will be


much cloudier on Friday because that weather front will be moving


southwards, heavy rain working across it. Some of the wettest


conditions will be in the west. Brightening up to Scotland and


Northern Ireland later. Showers packing in, but temperatures six or


seven, a sign of what's to come during the weekend. We have colder


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