24/02/2012 BBC Weather


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Hello, the spring warmth some of us enjoyed yesterday was playing much


harder to get today. Afternoon sunshine in Kent. The temperature


got close to 17 degrees but despite the sunshine in northern England,


18 degrees yesterday, 10 degrees today. Patchy rain, a weather front


which was a dividing line between the mild air in the south and the


cold fresher weather coming back further north. The dividing line


and patchy light rain and drizzle had edged further south this


evening. Poor visibility especially in the south-west, but it is mild,


10 degrees in Exeter, 12 in London. But, for parts of Wales, northern


England, cold air with clear spells. Especially in the countryside. A


touch of frost. The rain comes back to North West: later in the night.


Lots of dry weather, occasional sunshine. Temperatures back to


where we expect them to be in February. This is how we start


Saturday. Plenty of cloud in the far south. Damp and drizzly in


places. Western Scotland, further outbreaks of rain. Elsewhere,


though, we start dry and bright and that's what we have in the


afternoon but it stays Gray in Cornwall and Devon. South-west


England, you could hit 16 degrees. Low cloud in the Bristol Channel.


Elsewhere across Wales, Variable cloud and sunshine. For Northern


Ireland, more cloud in the West than the east. The best chance of


sunshine. Western Scotland, outbreaks of rain and edging back


to Glasgow. Add but the brightness around the Moray Firth. Another


breezy day. Northern England, East Anglia and the South, said fare for


the afternoon. If you want the warm weather, you will be unhappy. 13


degrees in London. That pretty impressive. A big rugby game at


Twickenham. For the early kick-off in Dublin, fine weather for the


Sunday starts with a touch of frost in Wales, southern England and then


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