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the team, good night. -- Newsnight Heavy rain, strong gusty winds and


even snow showers. It has been a lively day of weather. It is all


starting to come down over the next few days. Most places having a dry


and bright day. It will be mild by the afternoon. First thing tomorrow


afternoon will be chilly. This strike of cloud bringing heavy rain,


and it has been followed on by a rash of showers. We are continuing


to see snow showers over Weston Hills. Showers continuing for


Northern Ireland and north-west England. The showers bring the risk


of things turning icy on the roads as the temperatures are dropping.


Towns and cities staying above freezing but it will be below zero


and rural spots. It will be a chilly start to Thursday but for


much of the country it should be bright, fine and sunny. It will


cloud over in south-west England and also in Wales during the day.


The chance of some showers in North Wales and north-west England first


thing. Showery rain possible on the north coast of Northern Ireland but


generally, it will be dry and cloudy here. Still a strong wind


blowing in western Scotland of the snow will be confined to the tops


of the Highlands. Eastern Scotland and eastern England having a fine,


bright start. We should see quite a bit of sunshine across the Midlands


and the south-east. Don't forget, it will be calls to start. As we go


through the day, we will see clouds spilling in. It will not be sunny


everywhere. Essentially, dry and bright. Sher is continuing over


north-west England, and south-west Scotland. For most, it will be dry


and after that cold start, to produce up to nine or 10 by the


afternoon. Lighter wind than today, feeling mild. The wind is an


important factor over the next few days. High pressure in the South


keeping things tried but around it, we are drawing in warmer and more


moist wind. Cloudy skies on Friday across England and Wales. A weather


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