13/03/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. The weather patterns aren't changing greatly. High


pressure is with us. It will be there tonight with light winds. The


sun that broke through today, clear skies and long nights mean


temperatures will dip. Temperatures will get close to a frost. The


other problem, mist and fog, particularly across South West


England and Wales. The fog will be dense in places. Cloud could


thicken up elsewhere to produce rain and drizzle. Cloudy skies


tomorrow, the brightening up process will happen quicker and


more widely than today. Mist and fog will slow the commute for some


in the south. The cloud elsewhere, dominant to begin with. If anything,


the cloud base higher and cloud thinner further north so petter


chance of breaks appearing in Northern Ireland, more sunshine


there. As the South West wind picks up, the east of Scotland will get


sunnier moments. More cloud in the north west at times. There will be


areas of cloud stubborn to go throughout the day. Eastern coasts,


the cloud will stick, there should be sunshine to Wales and the South


West and towards the Channel Islands. The mist and fog will


return Wednesday night into Thursday. We will drag in air from


France bringing clearer skies to the east. As the high pushes


eastwards weather fronts are allowed into the north and west.


Northern Ireland will have a cloudier day and rain. The mist and


low cloud will lift to brighter skies. Sunshine in the south-east


and warm in that too, 17 or 18 Celsius possible. Different day by


Friday. Atlantic starting to have more dominance, brightness across


eastern areas, cloud to the west with showery bursts of rain.


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