27/03/2012 BBC Weather


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From me, I wish you a very good Good evening. You can wait an age


for a March temperature record to get broken, then three come along


all at once. For the third day in a row we have broken the Scottish


temperature record for March. Aboyne, 23.6 degrees Celsius.


Remarkable. This is also quite remarkable. The satellite picture


taken this afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. The cloud across


Shetland melted away through the afternoon. More cloud towards the


western isles tonight. Clear skies allowing temperatures to drop


sharply. It is still March. Two or three in some towns and cities, in


rural areas minus two or three. It will be chilly in the morning.


There will be mist and fog around, the sunshine will disperse that. It


will be another sunny day. The major change across the far north


of Scotland where we will see more cloud. Blue skies and rising


temperatures. After a chilly start we will peak in the 20's. 20, 21


across South West England and Wales. We could hit 23 possibly 24 degrees.


21 is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In Belfast we may reach 19. In


southern parts of Northern Ireland we might get close to the March


record here which stands at 21 Celsius. Cooler feel across the far


north of Scotland, more breeze and more cloud. That is a sign of


things to come. Cloud will spill south on Thursday across western


Scotland into Northern Ireland, perhaps into parts of north west


England and north Wales. Temperatures will be lower, still


well above average. In the south we could again exceed 20 degrees after


a chilly start. The fine and settled weather is because of high


pressure. A shift in this high, as it drifts out into the Atlantic,


will allow the winds to come in from the north west. The


temperatures will start to decline. For the next couple of days we


could exceed 20 degrees. Friday and the weekend the temperature curve


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