03/04/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A blizzard is raging across the hills of northern


England causing major disruption. For other places welcome rain fall


for a few and some pleasant sunshine. It's been that kind of


day. Along the boundary we have an intense area of low pressure,


marked by this hook of cloud here. Along that northern fridge snow


fall has occurred in Scotland. Northern England will bear the


brunt right now. Blizzard conditions. I have marked out the


areas worst affected by the snow. 200 metres, 5-10cms of blowing snow.


Northern and central parts of Wales that snow will pile up. At lower


ground it's mostly rain. A lot of rain through this zone here, strong


winds, awful night to come. Heavy showers across central and southern


England and Wales later in the night. Temperatures close to


freezing in the south, below freezing across the heart of


Scotland. Ice could be a major concern first thing in the morning.


Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England a better day. Some


welcomed sunshine. An improvement. This wintry weather will edge


southwards through parts of the Midlands and Wales. To the south of


that, across parts of the west country into other southern


counties lively showers. Still sunshine and relatively mild. Raw


and wintry through the Midland and Wales and hill snow. Lovely day for


Northern Ireland and Scotland seeing a steady thaw of the


remaining snow cover. Through tomorrow night, the dregs of the


rain and hill snow will ease away from southern parts of Wales and


the South West of England. Under clearing skies a particularly cold


night tomorrow night. A sharp frost by Thursday morning. More rain


though, this time rain turning up acs the north west of Scotland. All


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