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back tomorrow morning in Breakfast. It is nice to have a quiet weather


day for a change. There's nothing really dramatic on the way for the


Easter holidays. There won't be much sunshine around and there will


be a lot of cloud. The cloud will be thick enough to give a bit of


patchy rain, something may be a bit wetter on Monday. Temperatures


should be near the average. No significant Frost after tonight,


but tonight the temperatures are falling sharply across the south of


the UK. Cloud is coming from the north into northern England and


Wales but it is not reliable, so quite chilly even in these areas


and much colder further south. Quite a damaging frost to any


tender plants in rural areas. The frost will lift but it will be very


cold starting tomorrow in southern England on Good Friday, but it's a


bright and sunny one as well. Temperatures will be slow to rise


through the Midlands because we are starting to see some cloud coming


in. It is quite thin at this stage, a bit more substantial across


northern England, where they could be one or two light showers. A lot


of cloud across Scotland in the morning. Light and patchy rain or


drizzle in the north and west of the country. That will move into


Northern Ireland, where the temperatures will be nearer six or


seven degrees. The cloud streaming over the Irish Sea into Wales, so


the best of the early sunshine here really will be across the south of


the country. A sunny start in the south. We will see the cloud drift


southwards. A scattering of showers in England and Wales. Some patchy


cloud, patchy rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland, where it will


be cloudy. A shade warmer tomorrow. Much better across southern parts


of England in the best of the sunshine. It won't be as windy.


High pressure is sitting to the west of us throughout the Easter


period. We are drawing down a moist air flow from the north. Most of


the rain on Saturday will be across Scotland and Northern Ireland. For


the eastern side of the UK, Saturday could be quite chilly with


temperatures struggling to get into double figures. On Easter Sunday,


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