09/04/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. If nothing else, at least the garden probably enjoyed


today's rain and it will probably enjoy a bit of the warmth and


sunshine between the showers that come through the rest of this week.


The shower clouds are gathering to the north and west. All that


following on behind this massive sheet which brought the persistent


rain across England and Wales through the day and is still doing


so. That will gradually clear in the next few hours. The showers


already packing into western Scotland, Northern Ireland. Some of


those will get lively through the negotiate with the odd rumble of


thunder possible. Remains windy overfeegt. Winds touching gale


force for a tame aRos the eastern channel. Lighter further north.


Clear skies across Scotland, here we see some of the chilliest


conditions. A lot of cloud around tomorrow. Some showers with


sunshine for Northern Ireland and northern parts of England. Some


showers on the heavy side. Across much of eastern England, East


Anglia, the Midlands and south-east, it will be a dray and sunny start


to the day, not particularly warm in the breeze but someone maigt


stay dry -- some might stay dry tonight. The showers will develop


widely and push east. Whilst a few will stay dry in the south and east,


most of you will see showers at some point. They will contain hail


in a few places, snow across the Scottish mountains and temperatures


between them typical of an April day.


Into the evening, once the showers cross central and eastern parts,


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