17/04/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Some will be slow moving and torrential, others will


be lighter and more fleeting. However they appear to you, the


forecast is for showers for the next few days, that includes the


weekend and beyond. This is a typical scene from across the


country today. This headline for tomorrow could also apply to Friday,


Saturday or Sunday. Low pressure, this swirl of cloud moving around


it. Sunshine today, there were lots of showers. This white is an active


area of rain sweeping into south Wales and South West England


bringing with it lively winds. Guss of 50mph, more around the coasts of


the South West. Temperatures will fall lower in the north, a touch of


frost. Fog patches will form across parts of Scotland, a grey start for


some here. It will be raining across the northern isles. Showers


developing in Scotland. There will be sunny spells. Sunny intervals


across Northern Ireland. England and Wales, the main change tomorrow


is that there won't be as much in sunny spells. A wet day across the


Midlands. Wet rush-hour across the south-east corner. The strong winds


will blow across the South West of England. The rain will move slowly


northwards across north-east England. Showers to the south, hail


and thunder mixed in here. Scotland and Northern Ireland will see sunny


intervals, only between the showers. Temperatures nine to ten at best.


11-12 in the South West. The temperatures will drop in the


downpours. Low pressure will stick with us for the next few days.


Around this low it could be a grey day across the north-east of


England and eastern Scotland with outbreaks of rain. Showers will


develop by the afternoon. Temperatures 11, 12, 13 Celsius.


The low is with us on Friday and the weekend. It becomes more flabby.


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