30/04/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Ample warnings are in force, river levels are high. -- amber warnings.


This is the low-pressure system that brought heavy rain through the


weekend. It is dragging more cloud and thundery rain across parts of


the Midlands, East Anglia, southern England and Wales throughout


tonight. Torrential downpours mixed in. Away from those areas, there is


the risk of minor flooding. Northern England, Scotland,


Northern Ireland, largely dry. Clear skies around, miss the low


cloud, a cool start to Tuesday. -- misty, low cloud. For Tuesday rush-


hour there could still be a lot of surface water and a lot of big


puddles. The commute across parts of Wales, the Midlands and southern


England will be difficult. Still a torrential downpour was expected


and a brisk and gusty wind. We start largely dry in northern


England, the best of the brightness in the West. Across western


Scotland, mist and low cloud. Western Scotland, best placed to be


on Tuesday, after a cool start. Temperatures could get to 17 or 19


through the day. The torrential downpours we expect across the


south will ease away into the afternoon, brightening up. The risk


of one or two showers. Cloud and rain pushing into the Midlands,


northern England, maybe southern Scotland and parts of Northern


Ireland. Still brighter in the sunshine, warm across the West of


Scotland. River levels still rising, even though the rain may have eased.


Tuesday into Wednesday, we are stuck with the thicker cloud.


Northern Ireland, northern England, the Midlands, lighter, patchier.


Mist and low cloud elsewhere. Brightening up, in south-west


England we will see the warmest of the conditions. Wednesday into


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