03/05/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It is going to be a little bit drier over the next few


days but it is not going to be any warmer. Temperatures today really


struggled under this thick blanket of cloud -- cloud across England


and the posts. There was some sunshine. In western Scotland, 21


degrees of the us. Elsewhere, single figures. These values will


be more typical in the days to come. In western Scotland this band of


rain sinks south, a weather front introducing cold air. Under the


cloud we have outbreaks of rain tonight across the Midlands and


Lincolnshire. The temperature tonight generally seven or eight


Celsius but it is going to get colder. It is not going to get much


brighter for Friday. A great day. Some sunny spells, perhaps along


the south coast of Wales and southernmost counties of England


but generally across the Midlands and East Anglia, a dull, cold and


damp picture. Some drier conditions for a time across northern England


but the band of rain sinks south into Northern Ireland. Brighter


skies across the far north but you will notice northerly winds


bringing a real chill and introducing much colder air, cold


enough for snow showers at relatively low levels across north-


east Scotland in the afternoon. The rain bands are chased southwards,


they tend to fragment. It is not particularly wet but it will be


great, a little bit of rain here and there. We may see temperatures


creeping into the teens but generally another cold day, eight,


nine, ten Celsius at best. The air is coming from the Arctic. You can


follow the isobars to the north. This weather front and a parcel of


this amount on Sunday it could provide up bricks of rain


especially on the south coast for a while. Another weather system


bringing wet weather across Scotland, bringing some snow.


Generally is -- Saturday is dry and bright, some sunny spells and a


touch of frost, temperatures reaching double figures. The frost


expands further on Saturday night. It could be as low as minus five


Celsius across northern England. Unusually cold start. A few showers


but many places looking drier, some cloud and sunny spells but


temperatures quite disappointing for the first weekend in May,


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