23/05/2012 BBC Weather


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May really is a fickle month. In Aberdeenshire we had a trouch of


frost on Monday morning, but today 27 degrees. Tomorrow, will be


equally as warm. It's pretty warm out there at the moment. It will


turn misty with patchy fog. Low cloud developing in the North Sea,


drifting on to eastern parts of England and Scotland. The mist and


fog will go in the morning. The low cloud will get burned away. Misty


around Irish Sea coasts. Lots of sunshine. It could trigger one or


two rogue sharp showers. The South West of England will be warmer and


sunnier than today. The odd hit- and-miss shower could develop in


the west country and the West Midlands. For most parts of the


country warm and sunny. Another very warm day to come across


Scotland. Might get thundery showers, as we did this evening.


The odd one possible over the Pennines. Low cloud will lap on to


North Sea coasts keeping it chilly. In the sunshine in land2 degrees.


It will be dry and sunny. It will be very warm. The highest


temperatures towards the western side of the UK, widely inland


getting into the mid maybe high 20's. High pressure is towards the


north of the UK. We could see weather fronts coming in to give us


thundery showers to the South West of England. Breezy on Saturday.


Temperatures not as high by then. It's a dry and sunny picture.


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