25/05/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. If you have been stuck in the office looking out of


the window and thinking it is not going to last, this is a good


forecast. It was a scorcher today. Low cloud initially on the


satellite picture, but look how it melts away. Clear blue skies. If


the heat was too much, things turned cooler during the next few


days. The easterly wind we have is taking away some of the humidity we


experienced last night. Not so stifling, particularly in western


areas. Values we are longing for a few weeks ago in the day. Cooler in


the east exposed to the easterly wind, which will be with us over


the weekend. Strong Sunshine almost across the board. Good news for


Dana Meah eight for the torch relay. It heads towards Swansea. We arrive


in Swansea in the Sunshine. Around 25-26 degrees. It tells the tale


for many of us. Maybe a bit of patchy sea fog around C -- Shetland.


In the afternoon, the higher temperatures are worthy orange


colour is. 27 possible across parts of North West Scotland. 27 in the


West, 17 or 18 in the east, the sun will be every bit as strong. Mid-


20s across Northern Ireland. 16 at best across the eastern coast. The


Sunshine will be out there Trent Bridge cricket and the golf at


Wentworth. The wind may be Gael force at times in the south-west.


Across the Channel Isles, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, there will


be cloud later. It comes courtesy of this weather front. Pushing


through the mind to bring thundery rain across Cornwall into Devon. --


night. Perhaps affecting Dorset, Somerset and South Wales. Sea fog


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