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Good evening. Her Majesty would have seen many changes over the


last 60 years, but some things haven't changed at all. Way back in


1952, on Coronation Day, it was cool and cloudy and damp, 12


degrees. For some of us call this weekend might be similar but not


for everyone. Most places are drive. The odd burst of rain pushing up


from south-east England into the Midlands. But most places staying


drive. Mild and misty across the south but cold with a touch of


frost in Scotland but here is some of the best of the weather. For


Scotland and Northern Ireland, it's looking good. More cloud further


south. Some southern counties of England should improve for a time,


so I'm optimistic for derby day at Epsom. It will feel quite pleasant.


The best of the sunshine will be north. Scotland is looking fine and


sunny. Northern Ireland, too. The Isle of Man, the torch relay, the


fine weather will continue. Cloudier in Wales, the Midlands and


to the south, brighter for a time. Then the rain clouds come into


south-west England and Wales before the end of the day. A sign of


things to come as rain heads into England, Wales, as we going to


Sunday morning. Thundery bursts in the south-east for a time and if


you have street parties planned, good luck on Sunday because it


looks cloudy and wet. An inch of rain across the Midlands and Wales.


Not sure about Northern Ireland and northern England and Scotland. I'm


afraid for the Thames pageant, although the heavy rain will ease


off, it will be cloudy and damp and cold. 11-12 degrees. The weather


front will linger through Sunday night and indeed on into Monday, so


slow improvements across southern and south-eastern parts of the UK.


Cool and damp weather to come. Dry and bright for the north-west. As


we going to Tuesday, well, things don't settle down. Yes, a dry and


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