20/06/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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news, travel and weather bulletins every half hour. For now, have a


every half hour. For now, have a good night. Bye-bye. It is the


shortest night of the year. Downpours are forming across the


United Kingdom. If you don't get them tonight, there is a good


chance you will get them during the course of tomorrow. Storms are


lining up across France. It has been a fine day across much of the


United Kingdom. This cloud will bring the wet weather. It will be a


wet night across parts of south Wales and South West England. The


rain will push into the Midland and south-east England later in the


night. It could cause problems for tomorrow morning's rush-hour. The


northern half of the country, most places, through the night at least,


will stay dry. Temperatures not as low as last night, most areas in


double figures. The rain will not stay across England and Wales. It


will work across northern England, into southern Scotland and Northern


Ireland. Further south, it will brighten up, for a time. Any


sunshine is likely to trigger further heavy and thundery showers.


One place which may not see too much rain is the western isles of


Scotland. The rain will arrive during the course of the evening.


Central Scotland reaching 12 degrees with outbreaks of rain, as


it will be in Northern Ireland and northern England. Dryer conditions


further south. Any sunshine could trigger thundery showers. Feeling


warm and humid here, 20 degrees. Cloud and rain for south Wales and


South West England for the Friday looks windier. Blustery day


across the country. Wet day too for Northern Ireland. Temperatures are


back where they have been for most of June, below average at 14-16


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