05/07/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. The severe weather over the past couple of days has


been due to individual thunderstorms and hence the


flooding has been very localised. The problems over the next few days


are slightly different. We are particularly concerned about a


larger area being affected by the rain, a significant risk of


flooding. The Met Office has an ample warning of force. We have 4-2


thunderstorms across north-west England which will die out. The


main area of rain starts to push in later in the night. It is not a


cold night, quite warm and humid, 18 Celsius in towns and cities.


This area of rain, a really wet start across East Anglia and the


torch is setting off from Ipswich early tomorrow morning. Some rain


in the London area. South of London, many places dry and bright. Some


Sunny spells across the south-west, the risk of showers later on.


Further north, back into the rain, soon spreading across Wales and


north-west England. A really wet rush-hour. There was flooding today


and Northern Ireland. Still the risk of rain across the south but


northern parts of Northern Ireland generally drier and brighter. As


will a good part of Scotland, starting off with some cloud and


some showery outbreaks of rain but the main focus of rain is further


south across parts of northern England and across the Midlands.


How much rain will we see? Easily 40 mm, some places Macey 60 mm,


possibly more. It is what we will expect for the entire month of July,


may be falling in a morning. They could be flooding problems. There


is a query over the exact Northwood extent. The lurid colours is the


effect -- is the extensive range, Mayebi southern parts of Northern


Ireland affected. Either side of the rain, dry, bright weather with


sunshine, 20 degrees is possible. During Friday evening the rain


clears central areas but we are not done with the flooding risk. The


rain may persist into Saturday, heavy downpours threatening the


south-west through Saturday. Elsewhere, some sunshine lifting


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