25/07/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It has been another hot day in the south of London,


topping the table yet again. This time at 30 degrees. Looking at


tomorrow's forecast, the South will stay hot and sunny but further


north, it is a different story. Cloudy skies and, as a result, it


will be colder. It is due to this weather front, the dividing line


sitting across central parts of the country, reactivating a touch over


the next 24 hours. For most, it is going to be a dry night. Some cloud


in the north, maybe some mist and fog. Clear skies across southern


areas, where it will be warm and humid. A very long -- warm start to


the day were we have some sunshine. Further north, some cloud and some


showers across north-west England during the morning. The weather


front bringing the return of rain. Perilously close to Northern


Ireland but on balance, much of Northern Ireland will be dry and


bright. North West Scotland, again, breaks in the cloud. Through


Aberdeenshire and the Central lowlands, it is much more overcast


through the afternoon with patchy rain. Many places have got a better


chance of the cloud breaking up tomorrow afternoon, giving some


sunshine. It is the South were we have the hottest weather. The


sunniest skies. 29 degrees possible in London. It is hot and sunny


across parts of Devon and Cornwall, but with that seat in Wales the


very small risk of some showers. If we develop showers, they could


potentially be heavy and thundery. A more showers to talk about for


Friday. Especially towards the north and west. A little bit on the


breezy side. Further south, hot weather bring the risk of showers


to the south-east corner. Ahead of that, showers perilously close to


the Olympic Park on Sunday -- Friday evening. The last of this


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