31/08/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Summer 2012 was never going to go out quietly and we


started this morning with some of the coldest of his temperatures


ever recorded. But you can step back from the central heating


because the cold air is fairly narrow and to the west the warm air


is creeping in. Unfortunately there will not be clear, blue skies


because there is a lot of cloud. This is the warm front which is


introducing the warm air. There is a light drizzle across eastern


parts of England and it is still a bit damp in the West overnight.


Many in the West will become a bit drier overnight. Compared to the


temperatures last night temperatures tonight will hold in


double figures. It is a mile start for a Saturday morning across Wales


and the south-west. With a gentle wind, there may be some morning


sunshine to begin with. In Northern Ireland there are sunny breaks


possible. It is going to turn a cloudy throughout and there will be


rain later on. That is already there in the north-west of Scotland.


To southern and eastern parts of Scotland there is a little bit of


drizzle, but many will be dry and the skies brighten up quite quickly.


Eight grey start in East Anglia and the South East. Maybe worth packing


something slightly waterproof for the early events at the Paralympics.


It will turn dry, if not particularly sunny. Quite cloudy at


Weymouth. Western and northern Scotland have continuing cloud and


the winds touch gale force. Most will have a dry day and it will not


take much sunshine to elect the temperatures. Into Sunday we had


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