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It is hard to believe that one year ago today, we were basking in a


heat wave. There was a record October temperature measured at


Gravesend of 30 degrees. Today, at 17 degrees, and to be honest we


were lucky to get that ing Gravesend. That is because we have


this belt of cloud, leaving us with a dark day. The skies are clearing,


but a number of sharp showers for a while, even in south-east Scotland


and north-east England. Some of them are a heavy, possibly thundery.


In general, further east it will be drier and clearer. Tomorrow's


starts bright in the east, showers in the West, through the afternoon


it will turn wetter again in Northern Ireland cannot Wales and


western England. If we focus on the afternoon, after a bright start in


the south-west of England, it would just get wetter through the


afternoon. It will not feel very pleasant, and not much sunshine in


Wales, showers on and off during the day. A similar story in north-


west England. A mixture of sunshine and showers in the morning for


Northern Ireland, but this rain is pushing northwards into south-west


Scotland. North-east Scotland should do too badly, should be a


good deal of sunshine. We will lay to see showers and rain pushing


east of the Pennines, moving into the Midlands, the rain arriving


later in East Anglia and the south- east. Low pressure is essentially


shaping our weather, sitting to the north of Scotland. This weather


front he will provide a focus for more rain in Wednesday, which will


turn her feet as it runs into the south-east at, making it feel quite


cold. -- will turn heavy. By Thursday, at the rain in the south-


east should have gone for a while, a bright start with some sunshine,


before we get more rain in the south-west later. To sum up this


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