12/10/2012 BBC Weather


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That's it, do have a very good It has been significant rainfall


across the Far East of Scotland. I will remind you of yesterday with


this weather fronts bringing localised flooding to North Devon.


It brought heavy rain through North East Scotland and then ground to a


halt today. It was responsible for scenes like this across parts of


Fife and Tayside with localised flooding as rivers burst their


banks and it brought over 57 mm of rain for. That is over two inches


of rain. The same area of low pressure brought 43 mm of rain fall


to Bodmin yesterday. Showers are tracking from west to east through


the night. The weather front is still sitting in the north of


Scotland and sandwiched in between, clearer skies, a touch of mist


forming. We will see some sunshine, but it won't be long before


Sunshine -- showers develop through the course of the day. I suspect


the weather front in Scotland will take its time to clear. It will


slip slowly south and west. A drier day in the east. A disappointing


field two things, 9, ten degrees. Rain baps affecting the Lake


District and perhaps the north coast of Northern Ireland. --


perhaps. Some of the showers will be so potent if you are unlucky


Bostock on Saturday evening it will be a case of chasing cloud amounts.


Between England and Wales, clearer skies and temperatures reflecting


this. A chilly start to Sunday morning. We look like we have


reached a level of agreements for Sunday. Low-pressure staying in the


near Continent so quiet today than we originally thought. But still


the potential of the extreme south- west seeing some in 10 showers.


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