23/10/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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channel. We are back tomorrow morning during Breakfast. Good


Good evening. There was a poignant occasion in the weather Centre this


afternoon when the very last Ceefax weather map was lovingly crafted


and put away. The system is being switched off tonight. It is fair to


say that we have had a love-hate relationship with Ceefax over the


years but plenty of affection out their judging by your responses


this afternoon on Twitter. The end of an era but not yet the end of


the cloud. Another great day in store for much of the UK tomorrow.


We still have that cloud around tonight, producing drizzle and


missed. One or two patches of dense fog towards the North Sea coast,


where you can see rain moving in. Underneath the cloud, generally, a


mild night, but the exception is northern Scotland. There will be


the odd patch of fog around here as well. That is going to be a bright


spot tomorrow but otherwise, you have to look hard to find much


brightness. But there will be some. Let's take a look around at 4pm


tomorrow afternoon. To the east of the Pennines, it will be grey and


drizzly. But with more than easterly breeze, mixing up the


Clyde, there is a better chance of a breaking up along the southern


coastal counties. And given some sunshine, the temperatures could


get quite high. Across the Midlands, it is fairly grey. The easterly


breeze will help to break up the clouds. Around Cardigan Bay, you


might well see some sunshine. Like today, there is the chance of


brighter spells coming along. It will change across northern


Scotland. Caithness and Sutherland will have had the best of the


sunshine but tomorrow, it will be clouding over. That is because we


have a weather front moving southwards. It is a cold front,


meaning colder air is falling behind it. That is the change


coming in for the end of the week. It will be a little half-hearted at


first, with quite a bit of cloud around. But already be colder air


is beginning to ease in across the UK and temperatures will be lower.


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