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Good evening. It is another cold night developing out there, in fact


we have pretty low temperatures across Scotland in particular, and


as you go through the night, and many others will follow suit. Yes,


a widespread frost developing, the lowest temperatures from the north


midland northwardment on top of that we have some showers round.


Here, there is a risk of icy stretch, as we get on into the


morning. Some parts of rural Scotland getting down minus four or


five, but generally speaking it's a cold night with a widespread frost,


particularly in those more rural spots. So chilly to start the day.


Don't forget about icy patches but many areas getting off to a lovely


start. Lovely start in Northern Ireland, cold and frosty but


sunshine as you will find in the North East. Bit more in the way of


cloud for the north-west. As you will find across western Wales and


the south-west of England. The overnight showers tend to fade away.


So an improving story. It will be bright and breezy but chilly


through the morning. Many places at five or six degrees. As you go


through the day there will be a spell of wetter weather in northern


England. Maybe a flake or two of snow in the Pennines. Many central


areas have a decent day. Further west a bit more cloud round,


particularly in Wales, and those showers will push up through the


Bristol Channel. Temperatures wise, six degrees in Glasgow. Eight or


nine for Cardiff and London, so single figures across the board. In


the evening you may head out to see some fireworks and for many it


looks like a decent evening for it, although the showers will be


running up the Bristol Channel, bringing the threat of rein, but


grey that a lot of places will be dry, with clear spells and cold,


where ever you are. Low pressure is the dominant force through the


weekend. By Sunday we have one area of low pressure, and another one


running up the eastern side. It's a complicated set up, and that does


bring some uncertainty with the forecast on Sunday. At the moment,


we think the rain and soil. Will be heavy, pushing in southern and


eastern parts of the UK, to north and west, there will be a


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