20/11/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Today's rain hasn't caused us too many problems but


it's kept the ground saturated and river levels high. It's come and go


on the rainfall picture throughout the day, but signs of things to


come tonight, especially across the south-west corner, that rainfall is


now gathering. The Met Office have warning to an amber, so there is


the potential for some localised flooding and we are concerned about


parts of Devon, Dorset and into Somerset where this rain is going


to get going through the night and be quite slow-moving but underneath


this zone of thicker cloud and rain across England and Wales it's going


to give a wet night. A different story further north. Staying breezy


across North West Scotland with showers but a different feel to the


day, it will be chilly. Maybe even a touch of frost. Dry, bright with


going to be a wet start to the day, although it's starting to ease


across parts of card abegan bay and Cornwall bay but a wet start across


much of central and eastern England. 8.00am this is rush hour, there's


going to and lot of surface water and spray around and only a slow


improvement as we head through the day. This rain will gradually push


eastwards. Behind it it will turn drier and brighter across Wales and


north-west England. We keep brighter skies across parts of


Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will be cooler than it has been so


far this week, we have highs in Glasgow and Belfast of 9 Celsius.


By the time we get to Thursday another weather system following


hot on its heels. This is an intense weather front T will bring


heavy rain in a short space of time, combined with strong winds and


severe gale force winds, gusty winds, as that slowly moves south


and eastwards. It stays with us through Thursday and into Friday,


heading down towards that south- east corner. The winds should ease


for a time behind that system. A few showers on Friday out to the


North West corner, but for some on Friday out to the North West it


will be dry and bright with sunshine. We have to get rid of


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