30/11/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. It is going to be a chilly gold start to December and if you


are out travelling tonight through to early morning, do take care


because we have the potential for some icy strictures on the roads


and pavements. You can get updates on your BBC local radio stations


and the website. Already we have seen fog forming across the


Midlands, north-west England as well. It is this band of rain and


snow that could be a cause for concern as it pushes South into the


cooler air. If certainly the potential for ice one way or


another. Tomorrow morning, a few snow showers forming into northern


parts of Scotland. Otherwise, just a frosty, icy stuck across Northern


Ireland and northern England as well. A noticeable breeze blowing


in across northern England. Then you hit the cloud crossed if -- the


East Midlands into East Anglia with possibly some rain and sleet a left


over. The cloud over the south-west and Wales hopefully will not last


long. It will break up but would the days being short, it does not


leave much time for the sun to get through. It will be cold with


temperatures at best at 10 degrees over the Channel Islands, otherwise


are firmly in single figures. And very much in single figures over


the northern half of the UK. It will be a pretty harsh frost


overnight tomorrow. Down to minus seven and even lower in rural spots.


It means a cold up bright -- cold but bright start for many on Sunday.


But on the boundary between the two weather fronts, we get this band of


rain. And then a different look to stuff next week. Weather fronts are


pushing through so that means rain pushing him with a brisk winds for


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