17/12/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A dry, bright day for many tomorrow, before things turn


wet and windy on Wednesday. Before all that, however, potential


problems tonight with ice and fog. All really thanks to today's


showers. Can you see them on the radar picture, widespread across


the UK. You can see they are dying out. They'll continue to fade out


into the North Sea over the next few hours. Leaving behind a legacy


of moisture which could allow things to turn slippery for the


morning. Temperatures are dropping, most towns and cities staying above


freezing. Roads and pavements may well see some icy patches


developing. Also fog a potential hazard for Northern Ireland,


western Scotland and North West England. Where that fog forms, it


is not such a problem. Still a grey start here with a lot of cloud.


Potentially icy and foggy for North West England, the West Midlands and


the marches. For south-west England, generally a dry and bright start.


It was a sunny morning this morning across the South-East. Very


different here tomorrow morning. Quite a gloomy start, even maybe


one or two spots of drizzle. Eastern counties of England will


cheer up. Maybe sunny intervals developing. Elsewhere, the fog


should clear. One or two places may hang onto the fog. If it sticks,


temperatures will struggle. For many it will be dry and bright with


temperatures about average, four to eight Celsius. Maybe a bit higher


in the south-west. Now, tomorrow night temperatures drop sharply.


There'll be mist and fog forming for a time. But the main focus is


down to the south-west as things change during the evening. Some


heavy rain arriving with ground saturated across Devon and Cornwall,


that's not good news. The isobars really bunching together as well.


So not just wet, but a wet and windy spell for all on Wednesday.


Generally a dry morning across eastern England and Scotland. The


rain arrives here, should be clearing from parts of Wales and


the south-west later on in the day. That rain may well be around on


Thursday. Possibly starting to bring snow over the hills of


Scotland. Showers will follow on behind. Some uncertainty about the


end of the week. With the weather charts looking like this and plenty


of weather fronts to come pushing in across the United Kingdom, it


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