19/12/2012 BBC Weather


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all of us on the late team, Good evening. Today was a wet day


across large parts of the UK. Tomorrow will be a very wet day for


pretty much all parts of the country. There are a number of


warnings in force, and couple of which crack amber. That means be


prepared for problems. This shows how the rain has marched across the


country today, but here comes another pulse of heavy rain up


across the south-west. As you can see, the rain continues to expand,


most paces -- places very soggy by the morning. It is not a cold night,


but it is going to feel cold tomorrow as the rain continues to


fall and the wind continues to blow. Perhaps it will turn a little drier


and brighter across parts of South Wales and south-west England during


the afternoon, maybe even a glimmer or two of sunshine. But for most, a


bleak midwinter day. It will feel cold, particularly on the North Sea


coast. It will be especially wet in eastern Scotland. Snow on the hills,


but it really is the rainfall causing concern as it continues to


mount up during tomorrow and tomorrow night. So we have an amber


warning in course. Elsewhere, a glimmer of brightness perhaps on


Friday. We could even see a little sunshine here and there across


England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is, after all, the shortest day.


Behind me, further spells of rain, another area of low pressure. That


is Saturday's wet and windy weather, and here comes Sunday's. There is


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