21/12/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. There will be some more flooding rains in the next 24


hours. It is marching into the south and west. The met Office have


warnings out widely across the UK for that heavy rain and flood risk.


However, there are a few areas that we are particularly concerned about.


South-western part of England, South Wales, Yorkshire and southern


and eastern Scotland. At 2-2 or three inches of rain in these areas.


But other areas may have some flash flooding as well because it will be


watched very wet. Some really intense rain is working its way


across the south-west of England and it is happening overnight. We


could have flooding in the morning. Ahead of it, fog. It will lift as


the wind strengthened. It could turn chilly in the north of


Scotland with an odd patch of ice. A mild pitch in the morning. Very


wet. Expect strong winds, gales around the coast and a very wet day


for many areas. Some parts of Central England, the Midlands,


where we had flooding yesterday, could see more flooding rain as


well. It looks particularly what across the North, Yorkshire, river


levels are high and they could be flood problems. We have gale-force


winds that are causing disruption to ferry services to the northern


isles and if anything they will strengthen further tomorrow. We


have a lot more rain to come on already waterlogged ground. It has


no way to go. It will run into the river system. They will rise


rapidly. We will have surface water flooding. There is little sign of


it easing through the day tomorrow. It will be on and off but there


will be heavy bursts. We could have snowmelt to add to the problems


across southern and eastern Scotland. Very mild and the South.


In the bracing wind it will be cold in the north. Struck -- strong


winds continue through Saturday night in the north. More rainfall.


They could be windy weather for Northern Ireland. Most of us will


have strong winds, potentially damaging gusts. Sunday is hinting


at being a little bit drier. That weather front is stuck in the north


and we could have more rain coming into the South later. It looks as


if by Christmas Eve we will have yet more rain to come in. There are


warnings in force for that rain. It is the succession of these were the


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