08/01/2013 BBC Weather


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A more wintry feel to the weather over the next couple of days.


Tonight we are starting with patchy mist and fog and frost,


particularly across the northern half of the UK. Further south, we


still have quite a bit of cloud around. The weather front will


continue to produce rain in the early hours, mostly in the south-


east corner of the country. Strong winds in north Scotland. In between,


we will see mist and fog. Still mist and fog around tomorrow


morning in the east of England. Frost in Aberdeenshire. For


Northern Ireland, mist and fog in the morning. It will be a cold


start to the day there. A lot of cloud to begin with in Wales.


Cloudy skies across parts of south- west England. The cloud will be


much bigger as we move along the south coast. A damp start for


Hampshire, Kent, Sussex and Essex. The rain is slow to clear a way as


we go through the afternoon. Much of the mist and fog could lift and


clear although it could stick in a few places, which will really


affect the temperatures. Temperatures will be down on what


we have been used to, around average for this time of year.


Temperatures will then fall further tomorrow night. A colder night to


Margaret. More of a widespread frost. -- a colder night tomorrow


night. The frost is mostly to the north of the country, more cloud in


the south. Generally cloudy on Thursday. Perhaps a few brighter


spells but with all of the cloud, feeling cold on Thursday. Later in


the day, the weather front is trying to move into the south-west


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