11/01/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Some increasingly cold weather on the way for the UK


through the weekend and into next week. Not just the cold causing us


problems, but through Saturday evening in two Sunday ice will be a


big issue, and then on Monday a risk of disruption due to snow.


Outside at the moment, patchy Frost developing across the east of the


UK with clear spells. Maybe a pocket of mist and fog confined to


the hills by the end of the night. A few wintry showers across eastern


Scotland and the north-east of England. Further west, the map is


green. More cloud, meaning we should be largely free of frost as


we go into Saturday. A lot of cloud for Northern Ireland and some


drizzly rain. A pretty grey day in prospect. Drizzly rain across


western Scotland, maybe some sunshine in the far north but in


the east, the threat of wintry showers continues down to lower


levels. And some will brush into the north-east of England. Some


early sunshine is possible in the east across Lincolnshire and East


Anglia, but back under the cloud as we move into the Wales and the


south-west there will be outbreaks of rain and some white is mixed in,


but that is likely across higher levels, like the Brecon Beacons and


a similar story across parts of the Midlands. Maybe some sleet in with


the rain. The rain will be that the issue through Saturday for because


we could see a lot of rain in a short space of time, and 30 mm is


possible, in excess of an inch for some southern counties. Later in


the day, we will see the colder air mixing him and that is potentially


where we could have some rather more wintry themed whether as we go


into Saturday evening and overnight into Sunday. Wintry flurries


possible anywhere and a couple of centimetres possibly settle him


further. Wintry showers across the North-East as well. Ice is possibly


the biggest issue for these areas early on Sunday and throughout the


day because the temperatures will struggle to lift. Going into next


week, we face the prospect of a weather system coming from the


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