15/01/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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us here though a very good night to Friday maybe a few days ago, if you


have cross country travel plans for that day, don't go to bed quite yet.


It's cold out there. This evening temperatures have dropped to minus


10 and minus 11 to Aberdeenshire. Widespread frost. Icy where we saw


snow showers today. Not as icy further west. More cloud producing


spots of rain or drizzle, particularly for Cornwall.


Temperatures will hold up. The widespread frost and fog patches in


the east. Where the snow lies across eastern parts of England and


eastern Scotland temperatures could be around minus 10 or minus 12.


Scotland on Wednesday morning will be bright, but frosty. Frost-free


in Northern Ireland. Here, one or two spots of rain possible. Much of


England and Wales should start the day bright. We have the dense fog


through parts of York, Trent Valley and the Midlands. Cloud to the


South West of England with drizzle for Cornwall. Most start the day


dry. The far east of Kent, small area could be affected by this,


perhaps the snow showers through the day could mount up to give


problems later. Rain and sleet showers to the south-east of Devon.


They may turn wintry across Dartmoor. Elsewhere largely dry


except for Northern Ireland and western Scotland. In the sunshine


only limping above freezing. Further west, temperatures will


hold up, the weak weather front will continue to edge in a little


bit further eastwards. Some light snow fixed -- mixed in with the


rain. Thursday into Friday it will get interesting. Battle lines are


drawn between the cold air in place and mild air from the Atlantic.


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