14/02/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. What a difference a day has made to the feel of the


weather. Bitterly cold yesterday, but temperatures barely above


freezing in many eastern areas, but today into double figures. In


London at 12 degrees it makes it the warmest day of this month so


far. We will keep that relatively mild feel tomorrow with more


sunshine and it looks like a drier day, especially for the North. The


North of Scotland has had quite a wet day. Some fairly brisk winds


before they ease and with the light winds elsewhere and temperatures


close enough to freezing there is a risk of a few icy patches around


first thing in the morning. Otherwise, Friday is shaping up to


be a lovely end to the week. Plenty of sunshine around, far fewer


showers and light winds. One area where we will see much drier


weather is the West of Scotland. Similar for Northern Ireland.


Across Wales and further east we might have a bit more cloud around,


but even if it is not sunny all the time, it will be bright and dry. 9


is just a shade down on today because the temperatures will


starts a little lower in the morning. But they will drop away in


the evening. In the east as well as the frost, there is a greater risk


of fog tomorrow night. Fog and ice become even more of a problem by


Saturday morning. A chilly start in many central and eastern areas. The


high pressure holes on and keeps these weather fronts at bay. But


they will come into more Western areas on Saturday. A little more


cloudy tomorrow across western Scotland and Northern Ireland. But


it is another decent day and for most of us it will be dry and


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