18/02/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. I am sure many have you enjoyed the clear blue skies


and sunshine today. But it is those same clear skies which a leading to


temperatures tumbling tonight. You can see the icy blue tinge on the


map, and the of whiter colours are those dense fog patches forming.


Temperatures in the major towns and cities either side of freezing. It


is the fog which could cause an issue for some, particularly across


East Anglia and southern England. It could cause problems on the


roads and at airports. Check travel reports before you head out. But


even in the foggy areas, some will wake up to sunny skies, others will


have dense fog patches. You could see a few fog patches across parts


of Northern Ireland and Scotland. And once again, blue skies will


remain in place all day long for the majority. A little more patchy


cloud across Northern Ireland, and then thicker cloud develops across


north-eastern counties of England. The temperatures shouldn't feel too


bad, but the thicker cloud in the East will become more of a factor.


This weather front could produce a little light and rain, drizzle or


sleet. It will sweep away the milder conditions we have had on


Wednesday, and to introduce a noticeable chill for the end of the


week. They could be patches of rain, drizzle or Hill slipped through


Wednesday. Then little changed by the end of the week. High pressure


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