27/02/2013 BBC Weather


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Hello. It has been a day of two seasons today, really. A lot more


sunshine around than we have seen over the last few days and sunshine


across northern Scotland, definitely feeling like early


spring with temperatures reaching 12 degrees. The cloud did melt away


further south but never quite across South Wales and the south-


west of England, where it is feeling like winter with


temperatures barely getting above freezing. It is more of a wintry


flavour tonight because temperatures drop away quite


quickly where we had sunny skies by day, so a fairly widespread frost


to deal with but not everywhere. Around the Southeastern parts, some


breeze and cloud keep the temperatures higher. The blue area


is the extent of the frost. One or two areas of northern England and


Scotland could go down as low as minus Macro 4. Habit to fork should


clear away readily -- some fault. Then temperatures are in similar


areas to today, except for one exception. Northern Scotland, the


cloud moving in so a very different day with even some patchy rain


across the Highlands. Some time limited across Northern Ireland but


doing quite well across Wales and the Midlands, particularly North


Wales, but south-west England, not as chilly as today but no brighter


by the look of it, but perhaps even some rain coming through during the


afternoon, one or two sharp bursts. Further east, these counties


hanging on to a fair bit of cloud. Would she get further north, a


better chance of seeing a bit of sunshine. I suspect the warm spot


tomorrow in the sunshine will be north-west England, 10 or 11


degrees in Manchester and a lovely day in the Lake District, great for


getting up into the hills. Into tomorrow night, you can see the


clouds stars to spread in quite steadily and spreading to most


places by the early hours of Friday, which will limit the frost. That is


thanks in large part to this weather front working its way south,


it is a very weak feature but it is changing things as the Hyde gives a


little bit further west. -- behind. Friday, back to spot the sunshine,


not much of it. Perhaps western Scotland, north-west England and


parts of Northern Ireland. Temperatures a disappointing as a


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