05/03/2013 BBC Weather


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Spring here, we can put away our winter clothes for good. It's not


as simple as that. Some places saw 16 or 17 today with lots of


sunshine, for a few of us it stayed foggy. We were shivering at two or


three degrees. That fog has been thickening across parts of north-


east England. Nasty patches of fog heading up towards the Scottish


borders. Rain to south eastern parts of England and Wales. More


cloud tonight, not as cold, a pocket of frost to northern parts.


There thereby more cloud tomorrow, limited brightness and rain too.


Some dampness across western parts of the UK. For the journey to work


expect pulses of rain. It will come and go. There will be dryer spells,


but dampness in the air. A dry start for Northern Ireland. That


rain will edge up during the course of the morning. Rain will arrive


here through the afternoon. The western islands and islands


sheltered from the mountains and the easterly breeze which will be


developing all the while. A grim day here. The fog lifting up onto


the high ground. A grey and chilly day as well. Cloud for southern


England, bar the odd spot of rain it should stay dry for much of the


day. There is a good chance we will see bright spells developing


through the day across southern counties. The west county might


cheer up. More cloud and rain to western areas. Cold easterly wind


developing across northern parts. That will peg those temperatures


back, particularly near the east coast, four or five degrees here.


Further south not as warm as today, 11, 12 if it brightens up for any


length of time. There will be a lot of cloud for the second-half of


this week. There will be areas of rain, it gives an idea of unsettled


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