24/04/2013 BBC Weather


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enjoy some spring warmth across the south of the UK. Temperatures rose


to 21 degrees. Tomorrow, they could be higher still. Seems like this for


the south. In the short term, it is going to be a cloudy night. Already,


spots of rain are coming from the cloud across the country, not just


scene for the past few days. Through tonight, again, not cold. 11 or 12


degrees. In fact, this is the third night in the road that we have these


temperatures. -- In a row. In the morning we have showers. The East of


Scotland is not too bad. In the Irish Sea, temperatures hover at


around 10 degrees. This is where the warmest weather is going to be


cheering because of that they afternoon. Once again, on the south


coast, look at all of that missed a game. More of the same for tomorrow


morning. What is going to happen in the afternoon? Light rain in the


Midlands, North of England and Wales. In the south-east, the


temperatures could be 22 degrees in some spots. It is the last day and


we will have the warmth. This is what is going to happen through


Thursday evening into the early hours of Friday. See where the cold


winds are coming from? All the way from Iceland and the Norwegian Sea.


It is ringing the cooler weather south. Thunder showers initially in


the north of the UK. Then they make the journey south. Look at the


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