26/04/2013 BBC Weather


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case of April lottery. We had big showers, small showers, hail,


thunder, sleet and snow. As for the weekend, that is more of a 50-50.


Most of us will have at least one fine day, but on the other day, you


can expect rain. It is staying chilly. Gardeners should be


worried. A touch of frost in places tonight and tomorrow night.


Temperatures dropping sharply right now. We have some lively showers


crossing the Midlands. We will keep some downpours across eastern


England through the night. Some showers affect the rest of -- west


of Wales and South of England. In rural areas we are going to get


pretty close to freezing. It is going to be a sparkling start to the


weekend. Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, cold, but with


sunshine. One or two showers across the East of Scotland and some across


north-east England. A good part of the Midlands and Wales will have a


sunny Saturday morning. One or two showers draping across Pembrokeshire


and tickling Cornwall. Much of south-west England dry and fine.


Further east we have the showers, Lincolnshire, East Anglia, the


south-east of England. Lively through the day. Hale and thunder


and lightning is possible. Showers pushing back into Wales. One or two


over northern England. Generally, the northern half of the UK, it is


your fine, bright day. With sunshine, you could get double


figures. It will feel cold on the north-east coast, temperatures eight


or nine Celsius. It is going to be called on Saturday night. If you are


heading out, be prepared. It will turn chilly. This map suggesting


rural areas, we could see a frost. Gardeners, take note. It is not as


cold further north. We have another change happening, under the weather


front is moving in bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain. The isobars


are squeezing together. The wind is also picking up. A different day


across the North, blustery, outbreaks of rain trickling South. A


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